In this blog post, I am going to share with you how to configure Spring Data JPA in a Jersey 2 Container Deployable Web App. Spring Data JPA makes it much easier and more convenient to persist and read data from the database and when I needed to tie together Spring Data JPA and Jersey 2 Web…

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Recently I have published a video course that teaches how to use Java JAX-RS to create a RESTful Web Service for your mobile application and how implement features like user Sign up, Sing in and how to communicate with protected Web Service Endpoints. I would love it if you check it out and hopefully like it, find…

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Hibernate is a great framework to use to persist data into a database when building RESTful Web Services for your mobile application with Jersey and JAX-RS. In most of the projects I have participated when designing RESTful Web Services for Mobile App we used MySQL database server and Hibernate framework to store user data which…

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