RESTful Web Services with Spring Framework. Video Tutorials

The list of below video tutorials is a Quick Start to learning How to Build RESTful Web Services with Spring Framework.

Spring Framework is large and there is so much to learn about it. And although there are so many tutorials on the Internet I still felt it would be helpful to create a series of short and simple video lessons, which will help, to quickly begin with RESTful Web Services, so that a new to this field developer, can quickly get some insight on how a very simple RESTful Web Service can be built.  

If you watch these videos you will learn and be able to do the following:

  • Download, Install and use Spring Tool Suite Development Environment,
  • Download, Install and use Postman HTTP client so that you can send HTTP Requests,
  • Learn how to Download and Install Java.
  • Handle different types of HTTP Requests: HTTP Post, HTTP GET, HTTP PUT and HTTP Delete.
  • Learn to read URL Query String parameters, via URL Path Parameters as well as information sent via the body of HTTP Request,
  • Return information as a plain text or as a JSON or XML document,
  • Validate HTTP request parameters and HTTP Request body,
  • Handle Java Exceptions,
  • Learn how to run your RESTful Web Service as a standalone Java application which runs independently of your development environment.

Build RESTful Web Service with Spring Framework. Video Tutorials. 

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