Show Hibernate SQL Query in Spring Boot

In this tutorial, I will share how to make the Spring Boot application display Hibernate SQL Queries.

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Enable Hibernate SQL Queries Logging

To show hibernate SQL queries in the Spring Boot log file, you will need to update the file with the following details:

Show SQL Values

Additionally, to logging Hibernate SQL Queries, you can make your Spring Boot show the values that are being used in the SQL query. To do that, update file by adding the following line:

Show JPA SQL Queries

If you use Spring Data JPA, then you can log SQL queries by updating your file by adding:

Format Hibernate SQL Query

You can also display SQL queries in your log file in a very user-friendly format. To format SQL queries add the following property to the file.

Enable Hibernate SQL Query Logging Video Tutorial

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I hope this Spring Boot tutorial was helpful to you. If you like learning by watching video lessons, check out the Spring Boot video courses below.

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