Swift Video Tutorials and Code Examples

The category “Swift” has been updated with a few very useful links which contain many video tutorials and code examples that will help you build many features for your mobile application with Swift.

User registration, sign in and sign out video tutorials

The set of 15 video tutorials on how to create user registration, login and logout will take you though entire flow on how to build not only the Registration, Login and protected pages in Xcode with Swift but also how to implement many other useful functionalities like:

  • How to communicate with protected web services,
  • How to sent HTTP Get and HTTP Post requests. How to add authorization information into HTTP Request headers and how to include JSON payload into HTTP Request body,
  • How to display Alert messages, create and handle button events and how to,
  • Save information in iOS Keychain, read information from iOS Keychain and how to delete information from iOS Keychain.

iOS App Development with Swift. Video tutorials.

The set of 200+ video tutorials which is on page “iOS App Developer with Swift. Video Tutorials” will teach you how to use different Cocoa touch UI components with Swift. You will learn how to:

  • Use UITableView and load records from a remote URL,
  • Create custom cells,
  • Create functionality that allows user to Delete table cells and re-order then,
  • Work maps and user’s current location, drop pin on a map,
  • Use Amazon AWS cloud: Create S3 Buckets, upload and download images. Set up your own Amazon EC2 server in the cloud and use it for API that your mobile app can communicate with,
  • Create hamburger or navigation drawer menu,
  • Create Dialog windows and Action sheets,
  • How to localize your app and more…

Code Snippets in Swift

The Swift code snippets page contains a list of code examples/snippets on how to create and use different UI components programmatically in Swift.

I hope all of it will bring you some value!

Happy learning!


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