REST API with Java JAX-RS. Create and Deploy to Amazon Cloud.

When you start building a mobile app most likely you will need to build pages like user Sign up and once user has successfully registered, you will need to create a Sign in page. I have created many video tutorial how to implement these pages in Swift and if you follow those you will no doubt be able to create you Sign up and Sign in pages because those are very detailed step-by-step video tutorials.

Check out how to build user Sign up, Sign in, Sign out and more with Swift.

REST API with Java for Your Mobile App

But what about server side? When user submits their registration details, they need to be stored in a database. And for user to be able to Sign in, they need to authenticate themselves with our app. How do we build that?

With this blog post I would like to share with you a very practical video course I have put together during the past few month which teaches how to implement RESTful Web Service API for your mobile app to support functionality like user Sign up and Sign in. There is much more in this video course. It also teaches how to install needed software on you local computer as well as how to start your own server in Amazon cloud and how to deploy your RESTful Java Web Service there.

I will be adding more videos to this video course but at the time of writing this blog post it covers following:

  • User sign up,
  • User sign in,
  • Token base authentication.
    Students will also learn how to encrypt user provided password, generate a public user id which is safe to pass around the network in HTTP Requests, and how to generate and securely store as well as validate a secure access token,
  • Protect RESTful WebService endpoints,
  • Update database records by implementing Update User Profile details feature,
  • and learn how to Delete database records,
  • Implement Email Verification Feature using Amazon AWS SES(Simple Email Service)

Students will learn how to use Postman HTTP client software to send: HTTP POST, GET, DELETE and PUT requests, as well as how to set needed HTTP Headers. We will also cover how to:

  • Send data to your RESTful WebService via HTTP Body and
  • How to pass data via URL Query String and as a Path parameter

You will also learn how to make your RESTful Web Service accept and respond back with JSON or XML media type.

This video course also teaches how to install needed software on local computer to be able to build RESTful Java Web Service as well as:

  • How to start up your own Linux server in Amazon cloud( AWS EC2),
  • Install needed software on a remote EC2 instance and finally,
  • How deploy created WebService on AWS EC2 instance.

Please note that even though this video course covers all of the above mentioned, it is not a comprehensive guide that covers, in little details, all and everything about building Web Services. There are still things to be learned. But you will definitely benefit and gain by learning the above mentioned material.

Check it out and hopefully you will find it helpful!

Create REST API with Java JAX-RS and Deploy to Amazon AWS

Happy learning!



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