Introduction to Java

java for beginners

In this lesson, you will learn about Java history, the types of Java programs, and what Java editions exist today.


Sun Microsystems Inc developed Java in 1991 by the Green Team, whose members were James Gosling, Mike Sheridan, and Patrick Naughton.

First, it was developed as a pilot project of a simple language for programming smart home devices (mobile phones, TV devices, various players, etc.).

As is often the case, from the initial idea to the first realization of the language, several trial versions were created, and along the way, there were changes in the initial goals.

Sun Microsystems released its first public implementation in 1996 as JDK 1.0.

Java is later acquired by Oracle Corporation.

Java Editions

The Java platform is divided into several editions according to the type of program for which it is intended:

  • Java SE (Standard Edition) – most commonly used for standard programs on personal computers. 
  • Java ME (Micro Edition) – intended for writing programs for devices with reduced hardware capabilities.
  • Java EE (Enterprise Edition) – an enterprise platform mainly used to develop web and enterprise applications intended for the most demanding programs with distributed, service-oriented mode. It consists of Enterprise JavaBeans, Java Server Pages, and Servlets.
  • JavaFX – used to develop internet applications.

Types of Java Programs/Applications

There are four types of Java programs:

  • A standalone application is a program executed (interpreted) under a computer’s control of a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) interpreter. Also known as a desktop application.
  • A web application is a client-server software application that runs on the client side. 
  • ServletJSP and JSF are used to create web applications.
  • Enterprise Application is designed to solve the problems encountered by large enterprises, such as banking applications, etc. It has the advantages of high-level security, load balancing, and clustering.
  • EJB is used for creating enterprise applications.
  • Mobile Application is an application developed to run on mobile phones and tablets.

All Java-related software is free from the beginning, which greatly influenced its popularity and contributed to its development.

It’s time to start with the Java tutorials.

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