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There are a few different ways of how to create an Array with default values in Swift. Below are a few Swift code examples of creating an Array. Each example creates an array with some initial values. Create an Array of Strings var appleProgrammingLanguages: [String] = [“Swift”, “Objective-C”] Thanks to Swift’s type inference, you don’t…

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To present a ViewController in a NavigationController you can wrap ViewController into a NavigationController as it is in the example below. Then present NavigationController which contains ViewController. // Register Nib let newViewController = CustomSignupViewController(nibName: “CustomSignupViewController”, bundle: nil) let navigationController = UINavigationController(rootViewController: newViewController) // Present View “Modally” self.present(navigationController, animated: true, completion: nil)  

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With this blog post, I wanted to share with you a code example as we as a few video tutorials that demonstrate how to add inline UIDatePicker or DateCell into a UITableView in Swift. Originally, the DateCell example was implemented by Apple as an Objective C project and it is available for download here: Apple DateCell.…

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There are different ways to test that the UIViewController has been successfully pushed onto the navigation stack and in this tutorial, I will cover a few of them. For this tutorial, I have created a simple project with two view controllers on the Main.storyboard. The very first view controller has a button. When the button…

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There are a few different ways to Unit test code that throws an Error in Swift and my preferred way is to use the XCTAssertThrowError and XCTAssertNoThrows. I will also share with you how to use the traditional way of handling an error with the do-try-catch. Error To Be Thrown Let’s assume that we have…

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