Object vs Class in Java

There are many differences between an object and a class:

Class is a template or a blueprint for object creation.The object is an instance of a class.
The class does not allocate any memory when created.The object is allocated memory when created.
The class is a logical entity.The object is a physical entity.
Class is declared using a class keyword.Object is created using new, forName ().newInstance () , clone() methods.
Class is a group of identical objects. E.g. Class Animals ().Object is a specific entity. E.g. Animals dog = new Animals ();
The class can be declared only once.A class can have any number of instances or objects.
A class member field doesn’t have any values.Every object has a copy of member fields and their associated values.

That was all about Classes vs Objects in Java. Proceed to the next lesson to learn more about Method Overloading vs Method Overriding in Java.

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