Keycloak: Create a New OAuth Client Application

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a new OAuth Client application in Keycloak.

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Creating a New OAuth Client Application

To create a new OAuth Client application in Keycloak, you will need to login to the Keycloak server and select the Realm for which the client application needs to be created. To learn how to create new Keycloak users and a new Realm, please check the following tutorial: Creating a new Keycloak user and a new Realm.

Follow these steps to create a new OAuth client:

  • Select the target Realm,
  • Open Clients section,
  • Click on Create button to create a new client.

Creating a new OAuth Client in Keycloak

This will open a Client application page that you will need to fill in. Fill in the form and client on Create button.

This will create a new OAuth client application.

I hope this tutorial was of some value to you. But before you go, have a look at other Keycloak tutorials. You might find other useful tutorials as well.

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