Image Download in Jersey JAX-RS

If one of you RESTful Web Service Endpoints built with Jersey JAX-RS needs to initiate image download, you can use the following example to let user download an image stored on your server  when they access a certain web service end point.

The below example downloads a PNG image specified by @Produces(“image/png”) but you can easily edit it and make it download image/jpg for example.

To make the image file begin downloading we need to load it into the File object and then return back a Response object with Content-Disposition added to a Response header.

JAX-RS Image Download Example

The below code example will trigger image downloading when users access /media/company-logo Web Service End Point via HTTP GET Request.


public class MediaEntryPoint {

    public Response getCompanyLogo() throws IOException {

        String filePath = "/media/images/company-logo.png";
        File file = new File(filePath);
        ResponseBuilder response = Response.ok((Object) file);
                "attachment; filename=company-logo.png");

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