Disable Spring Security Configuration for @WebMvcTest

In this blog post, you will learn a couple of ways you can disable Spring Security Configuration for your @WebMvcTest.

Disable Security Filters for @AutoConfigureMockMvc

One of the ways you can disable Spring Security filters in your tests, is to use the @AutoConfigureMockMvc annotation.

@AutoConfigureMockMvc annotation can be applied to a test class to enable and configure auto-configuration of MockMvc.

To exclude security filters in your MockMvc tests, set the addFilters property to false.

@AutoConfigureMockMvc(addFilters = false)
public class UsersControllerWebLayerTest {


@MockMvcTest – excludeAutoConfiguration

Another way to exclude Spring Security filters when doing integration testing with MockMvc is to use the excludeAutoConfiguration property with @MockMvcTest annotation.

To exclude Spring Security configuration configuration, exclude the SecurityAutoConfiguration.class.

@WebMvcTest(controllers = UsersController.class, excludeAutoConfiguration = {SecurityAutoConfiguration.class})
public class UsersControllerWebLayerTest {

 // Some code


Video lessons

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