In this short Kotlin programming tutorial we will learn how to create a Switch in Kotlin programmatically. In the code example below we are going to cover: Create Switch and add it to a LinearLayout Get input from the Switch when it’s state is changed  Set textOff and textOn text programmatically Set OnClickListener on the…

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In this short Kotlin programming tutorial I am going to share with you how to create a CheckBox in Kotlin programmatically. You will learn how to create two checkboxes and how to read a value from CheckBox when it is selected. The code example below with cover: Create CheckBox in Kotlin programmatically, Use setOnClickListener to know when check…

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In this short code example below we will learn how to create ImageButton in Kotlin programmatically. A short code snippet in Kotlin below will cover: Create ImageView in a ConstraintLayout Load image from a resource Set onClickListener on ImageButton Change ImageButton image when the button is tapped For this example to work and to load an…

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