How to Generate SerialVersionUID

In this short Java tutorial, you will learn how to quickly generate a serialVersionUID for a given class. Most Java IDEs provide a support for generating serialVersionUID automatically while some require you to install a plugin for you to generate this value.

Generate SerialVersionUID for a Java Class

There is a built-in command in JDK you can use to generate a serialVersionUID for a selected class.

  1. Compile your project without the serialVersionUID first. This will generate Java classes in your project folder and you should be able to find them in the folder named classes,
  2. Open terminal window and change directory to the folder where your Java classes are located. NOTE: Change the directory into classes folder only and do not go further in. If your Java class is inside of a package, then DO NOT change your directory into the package. Stay in the root classes folder,
  3. In your terminal window run the following command:
    serialver com.mypackage.MyJavaClassName


    – the serialver is the name of the built-in command to generate serialVersionUID for a class, and
    – the com.mypackage.MyJavaClassName is a complete name of the class.

     Note: You must include the package name and should not include the .class extension.

  4. Once the serialver command is run successfully you should get a similar output:
    private static final long serialVersionUID = 4865903039190150223L;


Check If Your IDE Already Supports SerialVersionUID

But the chances are that your IDE already provides support for generating a serialVersionUID value. To check that, make your class implement Serializable interface and then if your class name gets underlined, move your mouse over the class name and pause for 2-3 seconds. Most likely you will get a drop down box inviting you to generate the value. Using IDE is much more convenient than generating this value using the command line tool.

I hope this helps. If you enjoy learning Java by watching step-by-step video lessons have a look at the video courses below. One them might help you learn easier and faster.

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